We have a line of credit for your company!

FFL Loan Equipment Finance Highlights

FFL Loan is able to help virtually every business with great financing!

Rates As Low as 3.5%

Loan Amounts
$2,000 – $350,000,000

No Down Payment Options

Fast Application and Funding

New Businesses

No Documentation Loans available

Working Capital Loan

Our most popular option when speed is of the essence. Our working capital loans allow your company to get large amounts of capital the same day or next day. This option is available to businesses open as few as 90 days.

SBA Loan 

We can provide you with several SBA Loan options, including loans for new businesses and EIDL loans. SBA loans take a bit longer to approve than our conventional loans and require additional paperwork.

Inventory Loan

Stop losing business because your inventory is low! This option is great if your company needs additional capital to buy inventory.

Business Credit cards

Many business owners stunt the growth of their company by using personal credit cards to finance their business expenses. Don’t let this be you. The resulting credit card balances will significantly lower your personal credit score and will prevent you from getting future business or personal loans. We offer numerous business credit card options that do not report to your personal credit, which is not the case for most business credit cards.

Merchant Cash advance

This option is great if your company gets paid via credit cards. Your business will get an advance based on your past credit card charges. This option also has a flexible payback plan based on the amount of revenue you receive each month.

factoring loan

This is an awesome option if your businesses gets paid slowly from large corporations. Our factoring loans allow you to get paid the same day you invoice your business clients, even if those clients take 90 or more days to pay you. Our factoring loans allow your company to thrive, even if your clients are slow to pay.

Loan against equipment

This program is an excellent choice if your company owns equipment without any liens, and you would like to use the equipment to leverage a line of credit. This option sometimes qualifies for US Tax Code Section 179 tax breaks.

Real Estate Line of credit

If your business needs large amounts of capital, you can use real estate lines of credit to generate additional capital that will be ready to use whenever you need it.

Simple Line of Credit

This is a great option if your company needs a line of credit, but does not own real estate or equipment that can be used as collateral. Even though there is no collateral required for this line of credit, we can still secure significant amounts of capital through this program, often more than our clients request!

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License Number 60DBO-80352
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